The Enactment of Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) at Admas University

By: Biru Asmare

Academic V/President, TVET Affairs, Admas University




The TVET program at Admas University has its own organizational structure. The program is led by an academic vice president who is a member of the Executive Management Committee and the Senate of the University. This has helped to raise issues and pass decisions of TVET related matters at the top management level.


The TVET offering Colleges/Campuses have also their own organizational structure. They are led by Deans who are also a member of the senate of the University. Moreover, campuses have different working documents that define the rules and regulations that govern the operations of the Academic Commission, Departmental Council, Standing Committees, student council, student committees, departmental level committees, campus level committees and other units and clubs. For all these organs, the required human resources are assigned in line with the structure.

At each TVET campus /college, the governance and management system employs the participations of different organs during the decision making processes. For example, administrative and academic staffs and students have been participating in a range of committees, councils, forums and units.

Each TVET campus has its own plan that is cascaded from the University’s five years Strategic Development Plan (SDP) which is developed after vigilant contemplation of the preceding SDPs in the form of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis. In doing so, the University considered proper articulation of its vision, missions, goals and values, identification of internal and external situations, realization of efficient & effective resource utilization as well as preparation of workable action plan/s meant for achieving essential tasks. 


With the aim of easing the monitoring and evaluation process in general and to make the strategic issues, specific, measureable ,attainable, reliable & timeline (SMART) in particular, all Colleges/Faculties/Departments/Units/Sections across the University regularly prepare their own annual action plan/s basing the existing SDP which come into implementation after meticulous deliberation and endorsement by the University’s Senate.