Admas University, one of the flourishing higher education institutions in Ethiopia, that functions in other East African countries also, will be graduating its students for the 60th time this year. Since its establishment (1998), Admas University has graduated a cumulative sum of 52,554 regular students in various fields of study in the TVET, post-graduate diploma, and degree programmes on its campuses in Addis Abeba, Adwa, Bishoftu, Dessie, Hargeissa, and Puntland. Admas University has also more than two thousand graduates of distance education. Its graduates are needed and given first place by many recruiting organizations in East Africa.

The candidate graduates of this year have celebrated color day and culture day this month, January 2018.  Yohannes Berhanu, who is chairperson for the candidate graduates committee in Olympia campus (Addis Abeba) said, “We have celebrated the nation, nationalities and peoples day but we also celebrate the color day and culture day this month. We are proud to be colorful and we enjoy our diversity.” The students have mutual understanding among themselves and they are engaged in other activities too. For instance, they have a charity club whereby they support students in lower grades and financially poor people.


Admas University focuses in building the capacity of its students all rounded with Knowledge, skills and aesthetics. That might be the reason why the recruiters are interested in its graduates.