IFRS training will be given to Admas University students freely.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) training will be given to Admas University students from February 27 to March 9, 2018. Also Addis Abeba University gives the training. Normally in Addis Ababa University the training costs 6,665 birr for private trainees and 1,000 birr for extension students but for regular students the training is given freely. Likewise, Admas University will give the training freely for its regular and extension students. So far 500 students are registered to take the training. The trainees will then be competent in discussing and using IFRS which is a requirement in the finance departments of every institution/organization in the country. Nowadays IFRS is the most wanted training in government and non government business sectors.
Teferi Deyuu Alemi and Dr. J.S. Pasricha (2016), on their study mentioned the objective of IFRS is to unite the diverse business language being used by the business communities all over the world. According to Teferi et al, in Ethiopia the first organizations that used the term IFRS for the first time in their annual report are government owned entities such as Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Construction and Business Bank, Ethiopian Insurance Corporation and Ethiopian Airlines. Later United Bank, and Ethiopian Fruits and Vegetable Marketing SC in 2003/04; Africa Insurance Co.SC and Nyala Insurance Co. in 2004/05; Wegagen Bank in 2008/09; Global Insurance Co. in 2009/10, Horizon Addis Tyre SC, Oromia Credit and Saving and Wisdom Microfinance in 2010/11; Bank of Abyssinia, Agricultural Equipment and Technical Services and National Insurance Company of Ethiopia in 2011/12; Cooperative Bank of Oromia in 2012/13 and Construction Design Co in 2013/14. Currently, all the organizations and institutions in Ethiopia are required to implement IFRS.
Ethiopian government has established Ethiopian Accounting and Auditing Board (EAAB) to monitor and supervise the implementation of IFRS. Further, in the Financial Report Proclamation of Ethiopia issued in 2014 it is declared that business organizations including banks are required to follow IFRS in their financial statement presentations. Therefore, to have the knowledge and skills required related with IFRS is essential for students to be competent in the accounting and finance sector. As a result, Admas University has planned to give the training freely for its students.
When it is about building the capacity of students, Admas University goes beyond horizon to develop competence of its students. Organizations and institutions that have understood this commitment, including Ethiopian Airlines, requested Admas University’s graduates list for recruitment.