A family of Mr. Legesse Gebre has donated 203 different books to Admas University on February, 2018.  The family has lost their loved one and among the belongings she left were books. A family member, who has been observing the efforts of Admas University students and staff members, has decided to donate the books to Admas University through the name of their family, Mr. Legesse Gebre.

Today the Director for Centeral library Mrs. Seble Gebreyes along with the Director for Centeral Research and Publication Mr. Daniel Teshome and Director for Central Marketing and Corporate Communications Mr. Biniam Dagnew has visited the family. Mr. Aklile Legesse has received the certificate of gratitude from Admas University.

Admas University is thankful for all the people who support one way or the other in capacitating its students. Nurturing young minds is not a universities or any academic institution job only. There is no adult who is deplorable enough not to be an exemplary. We are thankful to all the adults around who appreciate and support us in nurturing young minds through advising students anywhere or supporting with learning materials.