Crazy Day” is celebrated by many students in almost all universities in Ethiopia and “Cravat Day” also in some schools and universities; though some instructors, teachers and parents would love to discourage these activities. Despite the discouragements students are celebrating these events mainly to entertain themselves after tense exams, assignments and other academic activities. Likewise, Admas University’s Meskel Campus students celebrated “Crazy Day” and “Cravat Day” to be relaxed after tense academic activities.

Though it is not historically well recorded when and how “Crazy Day,” “Cravat Day” and other related events started in Ethiopian Universities, for some countries these are national holidays. “Crazy Day” is a national holiday celebrated on 24th October every year and for some others on the last Sunday of every July. “Cravat Day” is celebrated on 18th October every year in Croatia and it is a source of pride that commemorates an element of national heritage for the Croatians who gifted the world cravat.

There is no definite time in Ethiopian Universities to celebrate these events but students celebrate them themselves for relaxation purposes. Admas University’s Marketing and Corporate Communications staff members encourage these types of relaxations and highly discourage using stimulants (including alcohols) for relaxation.

Additionally, we are expecting students to celebrate the #Victory_of_Adwa_Day on Friday March 2, 2018.