Community Development

        Admas University has crafted down to earth Community Development policy, strategy and guideline to serve the community pragmatically. Besides it has a dedicated office led by a director to deal with such affair. In line with this, AU has been doing all its best to serve the community,

                 A. Through Trainings: Some of these include:                      

a)    Basic computer Application to Wereda 01

b)   Transformational Leadership to Wereda 01

c)    Basic Computer Application to Tesfa Birhan Primary School

d)   Basic Accounting System to “ Nikat”

e)    Training on “Marketing” to Yeka Small and  Micro Enterprise

f)     Customer Handling to Kebele 20

g)    Training on Basic Accounting and management to Kirkos Sub city

h)   Project proposal preparation to Kirkos sub city

i)      Data base E-mail and Internet training to Bishoftu city

     capacity building office

                 B.   Through Research Based Community Development Intervention

                 C.   Through Response for Different Calls

a)    School construction in Tigray

b)   Scholarship ( about 4 million birr)

c)    Furnishing  Beherawi School

d)   Establishing Mini media at Beherawi school

e)    Furnishing TesfaBirhan school

f)     Asphalting Abiot Kirs school

g)    Providing educational and other materials to orphanes

h)   Supporting the construction of youth center

i)      Providing computers to Kirkos Sub city

j)      Providing books to Yeka’s Youth Association

k)   Donating books to Tesfa Birhan School

l)      Constructing Bridge at Debreziet

m)  Providing Sport equipments at Deberziet

n)   Asphalting with coble stone at Debreziet

o)   Providing “ uniform” wears to Taxi drivers

p)   Supporting in the construction of police station/ Bazaar

q)   10 fictions donated to Assay

               D.  Through Sponsorships

a)    Sponsoring concert at Dire Dawa

b)   Sponsoring to Amhara Development Association

c)    Sponsoring to the Teachers’ Award ceremony

d)   Sponsoring talent show

e)    Sponsoring to Red Cross Association

f)     Sponsoring to Aboitkirs school port Team

               E.   Through  PROJECTS: The RACHEL project is a notable one.


F.    Through Blood donation

G.  Through Public awareness walks

H.   Through Environmental protection

Ø tree plantation

Ø  Beautification

Ø  Sanitation

Ø  Securing land for greening purpose 

I.      Through Community Membership

a) Lion’s Club

b)Red Cross Association 

c) HIV Association

d)Community Policing

J.      Through  Different Units

a)        Environmental protection unit

b)       Community outreach Unit

c)        Anti corruption cub

Things cannot be done haphazardly to get the expected outcomes the University has designed dozens of working documents related to this as in :

·   Community Engagement and Outreach Policy, strategy, and guideline

§  A Policy, strategy, and guideline on Educational Ethics and Anti-corruption

§  HIV/AIDS Policy, strategy, and guideline

§  A Policy, strategy, and guideline  for Gender Club