Education Degree in Educational Planning & Management 

1.  Objectives of the program

The main objectives of the Bachelor of Arts Degree program in Educational planning and Management are to:-

  • Train students with the practices of educational planning and management
  • Train educational planners, managers and supervisors who would assume management positions and responsibilities
  • Train educational planners and managers who can generate, mange and utilize educational resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Train educational planners who can initiate educational changes and innovation to address local and regional needs and realities.
  • Produce professionals who can promote community involvement by establishing a strong link with locality and initiate and mange educational innovations and changes.
  • Train students with skills of educational research
  • Promote students in the sense of professionalism in educational planning and management. Produce teachers who will teach at the secondary schools in addition, to satisfying the above objectives.
           Bachelor of Education Degree in Educational Planning & Management ( English Minor )    Major Courses
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre requisite
EdPM 201Educational Management4
EdPM 202School & the Community2EdPM  201
EdPM 203Management of Adult & Non Formal Education3EdPM  202
EdPM 221Principles of Curriculum Inquiry3EdPM  203
EdPM 222Basics of teachers Professional Development2EdPM  221
EdPM 211Measurement & Evaluation3EdPM 203
EdPM 212General Methods of Teaching3EdPM  211
EdPM 213Educational Research3EdPM 201
EdPM 251Economics of Education3
EdPM 232Educational Psychology3EdPM  212
EdPM 233Guidance and Counseling3EdPM  232
EdPM 241Developmental psychology3
EdPM 242Introduction to Sociology  & social Administration3
EdPM 301Educational Supervision3EdPM  232
EdPM 303Macro Planning in Education3EdPM  301
EdPM 361School Mapping & Micro Planning in Education3EdPM  303
EdPM 321Instructional Media & Communication3EdPM  212
EdPM 341Educational Organization & Management I4EdPM   201
EdPM 342Educational Organization & Management II4EdPM  341
EdPM 352Psychology of Persons with Disabilities3EdPM  241
EdPM 401 Human Resource Management in Education3
EdPM 411Financial & Property Management  in Education3EdPM  401
EdPM 431Internship3EdPM  342
EdPM 441Introduction to International Education3EdPM  431
EdPM 451Management of Change & Innovation in Education3
EdPM 472Senior Essay3         EdPM  213


 Course code used is alpha numerical. Edpm represents core courses. The first digit represents the year in which the curse is offered. The second digit represents the alphabetic sequence of the core course offered among other course in that semester and the third digit indicates the semester.