Many managers think of marketing as a department consisting of several types of career people: marketing planers, marketing researchers, adverting and sales promotion specialists, customer service personnel, new product managers, product and brand managers, market segment managers, and of course sales people .Their collective job is to analyze the market , disconcert opportunities ,formulate marketing strategies , develop specific tactic tics and actions, propose a budget, and establish a set of controls. But this view does not go for enough. Marketing is also responsible for driving the rest of the company to be customer-focused and market driven.Today’s markets are changing at an incredible pace. In addition to globalization and technological change, we are witnessing a power shift from manufacturers to giant retailers, a rapid growth and acceptance of store brands, new retail forms, growing consumer price and value sensitivity, a diminishing role for mass marketing and advertising, and a disconcerting erosion of brand loyalty. These changes are throwing companies in to a state of confusion regarding strategy. To protect their profits, companies have primarily responded by cutting their costs, re-engineering their processes and downsizing their forces.

Marketing is not like Euclidean geometry, a fixed system of concepts and axioms. Rather, marketing is one of the   most dynamic fields within the management arena. The market place continually throws out fresh challenges, and companies must respond. Therefore it is not surprising that new marketing ideas keep surfacing to meet the new marketplace challenges. Hence, the marketing curriculum is responsible   for incorporating all these issues so that students will be capable of managing today’s organizations. Thus, based on the explanations given above and Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency’s direction on minimum major course credit hour requirement, it requires for the department to make a major curriculum revision.


Marketing Management is a crucial element in economic growth of a country. It brings together the four pieces (product, price, promotion and place) together to achieve a given company its objective.. Marketing is a backbone for any organization for the achievement of their goals. Therefore the rationale of this program is rests on the highly demand of the program with business community.


Through this programs, the department has the objective of producing:

  • professionals who are capable of market planning, organizing, directing and controlling activities of private, public, non-government and government organizations;
  • professionals who can competently manage marketing, finance operations, human resource, materials, information resources etc.;
  •      professionals who are responsive and effective in working with and through others as well as capable of making and implementing decisions;
  •  professionals capable of searching and developing opportunities as well as tackling problems;
  • professionals who are able to face the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s highly complex and competitive environment.


Applicants for admission to the Bachelor degree program in Marketing Management must satisfy one of the following criteria:

  •  A successful completion of the two year preparatory program with the minimum University Entrance Examinations result set for admission by Ministry of Education for the entry year
  •    Completion of Diploma program (12+2), (10+3, Level 4) with two years relevant work experience after graduation and Center of Competency (COC) certified and who pass the University’s entrance examination
  • A degree program student from other accredited Higher Education Institutions who with drawn for non – academic problems
  • A first degree graduate in any field of study from accredited Higher Education Institutions
  • These minimum requirements can be scaled up when there is high competition for admission or when the senate of the University wants to scale it up

When there is high competition for admission, grade point average at graduation, additional training after graduation, service year, gender and supporting letter from their employers shall be consider to offer the limited opportunities.


The normal duration of the BA degree will be 9 semesters (3 years) for distance mode.  A total of 111 credit hours of courses work and graduate project over the period mentioned above are normally regarded as a full load.


Major Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Mkt 201Principle of Marketing3No prerequisite
Mkt 202International Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 212Administrative & Business Communication3Mgt 201
Mkt 311Business Law3No prerequisite
Mkt 301Product Planning and Development3Mkt 201
Mkt 302Pricing Policy and Strategy3Mkt 201
Mkt 461E-commerce/Digital Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 312Customer Behavior3Mkt 201
Mkt 321Materials Management3Mgt 201
Mkt 322Marketing Research Method3Mkt 201
Mkt 312Service Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 342Customer relationship Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 341Import and Export Policy Procedure3Mkt 202
Mkt 442Seminar in Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 401Promotion Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 441Distribution Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 411Sales Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 412Advertising3Mkt 201
Mkt 421Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management3No prerequisite
Mkt 422Agricultural Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 431Marketing Information System3Mkt 201
Mkt 432Industrial Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 402Retail Management3Mkt 402
Mkt 451Brand Management3Mkt 301
Mkt 452Strategic Marketing Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 462Research Project in Marketing3Mkt 322

Related Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Mgt 201Introduction to Management3No prerequisite
Mgt 211Mathematics for Management3No prerequisite
Mgt 212Statistics for management3Mgt 211
Mgt 331Risk Management and Insurance3 Mgt 212
Acct 201Principles of Accounting I3No prerequisite
Acct 202Principles of Accounting II3Acct201
Econ 201Microeconomics I2No prerequisite
Econ 202Microeconomics II2Econ 201

Common Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Eng 201Sophomore English3No prerequisite
Psy 201General Psychology2No prerequisite
Civ 202Civics and ethical education3No prerequisite
ICT 201Basic Computer Skills3+3labNo prerequisite
Total11+3 lab