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Admas University, which is one of the pioneer Private Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia, commenced its operation in October 1998 under the name “Admas Business Training Centre.”

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Besides, the University is engaged in various research and publication activities. In order to foster the research culture of its staffs and students, the University conducts different types of research seminars, conferences and symposia which include Annual International Research Conference, Annual National Research Conference (8th time till now), Annual National Students’ Research Conference, Annual Campus-based Research Conferences, Biannual Academic Discussion Forum, Biannual Students’ Discussion Forum, and Monthly Seminars among others.


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Admas University, which is one of the pioneer Private Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia, commenced its operation in October 1998 under the name “Admas Business Training Centre.” The Training Centre then started delivering training services in certain tailor-made short-term programmes. By undertaking deep assessments of further training needs and making preparations in terms of the required human and material resources, the centre upgraded itself to a college status as of April 1999, and to the status of a University College as of March 2007. Finally, after ensuring that all the requirements of Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009 have been met, the Ministry of Education of F.D.R.E. granted full University status to Admas as of July 2014.

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University of Education College Offers career-oriented programs for motivated students who seek academic excellence, personal growth, and professional success.


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Follow the directions for the Sloane Street exit, turn left and walk 200 meters and you will find us on the left side of the street opposite Harrods.

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